How to Get a Job Teaching English in China

How to find a job teaching English in China
Personally and professionally, teaching abroad can be a great opportunity for you. In and outside the classroom, you’ll gain valuable skills that will come in handy whatever career you choose to pursue in the future.
Maybe you want to get to know a new culture. Or you’re looking to add something impressive to your resume. Perhaps you want to try your hand at teaching. Or you simply want to spread your wings and set off on an adventure.
Whatever your reasons for wanting to work and live abroad, teaching English could be just the job you’re looking for! Opportunities are so varied that you can easily find a best fit job through China ESL job boards.

Are you qualified to teach in China? 

Before taking a look into how to get a job in China, let’s see if you are qualified to teach. In order to get a legal working visa as an English/Subject teacher in China, you will need to have at least a Bachelor degree, a 120 hours TEFL certification and a recent background check(within 6 moth from the issue date).
Visa requirements for teaching English in China
  • Bachelor degree
  • 120 hours TEFL certification
  • Clear background check

You can find the best fit job teaching in China, here is how!

  1. Set up your expectation: location, salary package, school type

Start your searching with the right expectation saves you a lot of time. China is large, and it can be hard to decide on which city to go. If you are new to China, the tier 1 & tier 2 cities where most expats live are highly recommended. Check the tier 1 cities list and tier 2 cities list from here.
Chinese salary package usually includes a basic salary, a housing allowance or free furnished apartment and a flight reimbursement. The housing allowance is part of the money that will not be taxed. Considering the tax is pretty low, if the whole salary is high, without a housing allowance, it can still be a great offer to take.
New teachers and teachers with less than two years full time teaching experience mostly find themselves in training centers and public schools. Teachers with more than 2 years experience or licensed teachers with no experience are mostly in training centers and international schools.
  1. Make a good use of recruiters

The next step to secure a dream in China is really to make a good use of recruiters. Most Chinese schools do not recruit themselves as a lot of school HRs are teachers themselves. Besides recruiting, they still have school work to do. This is where recruiter agents coming in. Recruiter agents like Panda recruiting will do a pre-screen for schools. School HRs will only need to do interviews with pretty committed candidates.
Recruiting agents has access to lots of schools, and they will be able to recommend you 3-9 jobs depending on your qualification. Isn’t it such a time saver? Besides, it’s totally FREE!
Panda recruiting is currently working with hundreds of schools in China. No matter you are a new teacher/experienced teacher/licensed teacher, we will be able to find you a perfect fit in China. Contact us today to discuss the great opportunities in China!