Your Guide to Teach in China

Licensed and ESL educators, thinking about teaching English in China? Your timing couldn’t be better! With around 300 million English language students, China is, without a doubt, a job-seeking teacher’s market. Estimates show that China is currently experiencing a shortfall of around 100,000 English teachers and this figure set to increase over the coming years as the country’s enthusiasm for learning English continues unabated.

Things need to know before moving to teach in China

With the right amount of planning and preparation, teaching abroad in China can really be a life-changing experience. So, here is what you need to know before you go!


Salary & Cost

School Programs in China

  • General Introduction
  • Teach in a Public School in China
  • Teach in a Training Center in China
  • Teach in an International school in China
From the job searching in China and applying for the right visa to avoiding cultural misunderstandings, Panda Recruiting walks you through all the steps to move to China and make it home.

City Guide: Where to Teach in China?

  •  How the cities are catarized in China? 
  • Teach English in a Tier 1 city in China
  • Teach in Beijing
  • Teach in Shanghai
  • Teach in Shenzhen
  • Teach in Guangzhou
  • Teach in Hangzhou
  • Teach in Suzhou
  • Teach in Foshan
  • Teach in Chongqing
  • Teach in Chengdu

Important Things to Know before Your Job Searching

  • How to find the highest paid Job in China
  • The Best Cities to Teach in China
  • Teach in China Scams and How to Avoid Them?
  •  Benefits of Teaching in China
  • Apps and Websites used in China
Your time teaching in China will no doubt be filled with wonderful times and unexpected adventures, such as exploring hidden mountaintop temples, discovering delicious backstreet restaurants, and making lifelong friends. The life of an ESL teacher in China is a sweet one—we can’t wait for you to live yours.
Now that you know everything you need to…what are you waiting for?
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