Relocating to China

A modern financial giant with deep traditional roots, China is packed with economic, cultural, and geographical diversity that makes it a fascinating place to move to. With its complex language and many unwritten social rules, it has a reputation for culture shock. But how hard is it to move to China?
The most important first step of the relocation process is getting your paperwork in order. Picking the right visa depends on the length of your stay and whether you plan to work. Our guide covers topics such as banking and taxes, healthcare, education, and housing. Basically everything you need to know before the move. 

From the job searching in China and applying for the right visa to avoiding cultural misunderstandings, Panda Recruiting walks you through all the steps to move to China and make it home.


Things need to know before moving to China

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Housing in China

Transportation in China

  • Transportation guide: Travel within a city
  • Transportation guide: Travel between cities 
  • How foreigners get a car in China?

Public Holidays

  • Public holidays in China & the meaning behind each holiday

Banks and Taxes in China

  • How much tax do I need to pay in China?

Social life

  • Where to meet your local friends?
  • 7 ways to find the local expat community fast
  • What’s the working relationship like in China? 
  • Date Applications

Important Information

  • Dress code at Chinese schools
  • Medical Insurance in China for foreigners
  • What’s a typical day working in a training center
  • What’s a typical day working in a public school 
  • What’s a typical day working in an international school? 
  • Things to bring
  • Things not to bring
  • Basic Mandarin to know
  • How to spend your spare time in China?

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